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iCALCULATOR is an online suite of financial calculators that provide you with a simple way to compute cashflows, values, returns, and other key real estate measurements.

iCalculator is an online program. So you can use your phone, tablet, lap top or desktop computer to make your calculation at anytime (24/7) and from anywhere. Just connect to the internet and login.

PLUS, you can learn!

The suite of calculators each includes a definition, a breakdown of the solution to show you its computation, and many of the formulas. For example, you can calculate annual depreciation allowance and learn its meaning, see how its calculated, and learn its formula! Preview the screenshot...

PLUS, you can print!

The calculators each allow you to print a screenshot of the calculation. Once you've computed the result, simply click the Print button.

Calculate by category!

iCalculator currently includes sixty two (62) fully-functional real estate calculators organized into five (5) specific categories.

  • Mortgages - monthly payment, mortgage balance, rent vs. buy, etc.
  • Time Value - present/future value, sinking fund, inflation rate, etc.
  • Cash Flows - internal rate of return, net present value, etc.
  • Tax Shelter - depreciation allowance, cash flow after taxes, etc.
  • Investment - cap rate, cash-on-cash return, break-even ratio, etc.

  • See the entire list of calculators...


So you know!

  • Southwestern College Kansas students enrolled in Corporate Finance (2008-2009) were required to use iCalculator in the classroom. (See Lyle Weinert comment, right)
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Immediately. Following your purchase, from this website simply login (upper right-hand corner) using your email address and password.

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Just notify me within five days of your purchase (by phone or email). I will instruct PayPal to refund your money in full—no questions asked!