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This learning center provides you with a host of articles, videos, and other helpful real estate investing resources. Feel free to share.


  • Articles
    "How-to" real estate investing articles to help you to learn and understand the nuances, formulas, solutions and other related data associated with rental income property analysis and marketing.
  • Videos
    "How-to" videos that show you how to make the calculations for many of the rates of return associated with real estate investment properties.


  • Free Online Calculators
    A group of free online real estate calculators you can access immediately to compute various mortgage and investment rates of return. Each is a modified version of iCalculator and are responsive to your mobile device.
  • Glossary of Terms
    A real estate glossary with the definition to over four hundred terms you will typically encounter when engaged with rental investment property.
  • Real Estate Links
    Numerous links to popular real estate news sites, trade associations, research and education, and other government sites you may find beneficial.

Customer Support

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    Instructional articles provided to help our customers resolve issues sometimes encountered when using Windows, Excel, or MAC applications.
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    Instructional videos.