Frequently Asked Questions

The following list covers the most frequently asked questions we receive about our real estate investment software and real estate calculator solutions.

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1. Will ProAPOD work with Win 7 and Win 8?
Yes. ProAPOD is compatible with all Windows platforms.

2. Will ProAPOD work with Excel 2013?
Yes. ProAPOD is compatible with all Excel programs.

3. Will ProAPOD work on a MAC?
Yes, but your hard drive must be petitioned and include both a Windows operating system and Excel. Read more here at [Customer Support].

4. Must I have Excel installed on my computer?
Yes. Both these software solutions are highly sophisticated spreadsheet programs written with Excel VBA code.

5. Does ProAPOD come on CD, or is it a download?
All ProAPOD software solutions are a download. You will receive an email with installation instructions minutes after your purchase.

6. Can I install the program on more than one computer?

7. Is it okay if my associate downloads and uses one of my installs?

8. How are Customers Notified About Updates?
By following us on Google+. Click here [Follow us on Google+].

9. Can I email the investment property analysis reports I create in ProAPOD?
Yes, but it does require a third-party software program. There are two that seem to have a favorable rating and both are FREE. You only need one. I tend to prefer PDFCreator, but both work.

10. Can you explain how to email a report?
You'll find what you're looking for in ProAPOD's Help file. From the toolbar click Help > About ProAPOD > How to Email a Report.

11. Why do I sometimes get a blue or white screen when I open a form?
Because you inadvertantly scrolled away from our form. Place your cursor in the screen (make sure the cell is highlighted) then use your keyboard's arrow keys to move up and to the left as far as you can go.

12. Can I customize the reports?
Not really. Other than some of the labels under Operating Expenses, users can modify little else.

13. Does ProAPOD include a report to reflect equity distribution and preferred returns to investors?

14. Do I need to know any formulas to use ProAPOD?
Not unless you want to. All our solutions know the formulas and will automatically compute all the required cash flows and rates of return for you.

15. Would I benefit as a real estate investor?
Absolutely. ProAPOD was developed for anyone engaged with investment real estate properties.

16. Can I learn to work with rental income property by using your program?
Others have. Seemingly, paying close attention to the reports and Help file will help you learn about real estate investing and rental property evaluation.

17. Do you include a Help file?
Yes. From the ProAPOD toolbar click Help > Online Help.

18. What's the big deal with the one-page marketing package?
It includes all the information you need to market a rental property investment on one easy page.

19. What does the Price Analyzer do?
It's a specially-designed tool that will help you determine a rental investment property's most reasonable price based upon various rates of return.

20. Do you provide tutorials?
Yes. You will links to tutorials in ProAPOD Help > Online Help. You can also view several support videos by clicking here: [Open Video List]

21. Does ProAPOD come with free technical support?
Yes. All ProAPOD solutions include telephone support.

22. Does ProAPOD contain macros?

23. What are macros?
Macros are procedures that make the program function. For example, our toolbar works as the result of macros.

24. Are the macros in ProAPOD safe?
Absolutely 100% safe.

25. When I open the program I get a message that prompts me to accept you as a trusted source before it will enable macros. What does that mean?
This occurs when the security level you have set for Excel is set to MEDIUM or HIGH. By checking me as a "trusted source" the program opens correctly and the message does not appear again.

26. Will checking you as a trusted source lower my computer's security level?

27. Is ProAPOD digitally signed?
Yes. All my software solutions are signed by James R Kobzeff and certified by Thawte. A service paid for annually that guarantees you will get my software without outside alterations as intended.

28. Do you provide a trial?
Not really, but call me at 503.949.9034 if you're seriously interested but not sure.


1. How do I download iCalculator?
You don't. iCalculator is not a download. You access it online by logging in from our website.

2. Will I receive a CD?
No, iCalculator is an online solution you can open simply by logging in.

3. After my purchase I was not able to open the calculator, why?
Right after you purchase iCalculator you must log out to close the session. Then log back in and you will be taken directly to the appropriate iCalculator page.

4. How do I open the calculator?
Open the ProAPOD web site and click the Login button in the upper-right toolbar then enter your email and password.

5. Does iCalculator require subscription or renewal fees?
No, you make a one-time payment only and then have 27/7 access.

6. Will I have to pay when iCalculator is updated?
No, you are never charged when we add new functions or features.

7. Can I print from the calculator?
Yes, but it's not dynamic. You print only a screenshot of the form and results. But it will provide you with something you can file away for future reference. So it can serve a useful purpose.